Winter squash is a type of vegetable that has a thicker skin, and a much longer shelf life than regular squash.  They are called winter squash because you harvest them in fall to keep through the winter. At our farm we grew over 10 varieties of winter squash this season.  The most popular that we […]

tomatoes in a basket

This year our farm planted roughly 10 varieties of tomatoes in our 5 ½ acre garden.  Before I give you some background on each one, I wanted to talk about some of the benefits of tomatoes.  They are packed full of antioxidants, which are linked to many health benefits.   Some of those benefits include; improving […]

This is one of my favorite times of the year, for many reasons.  This is the time when we actually get to start harvesting our fruits, and vegetables.  With roughly 50 acres of garden space, our imagination gets to run wild when we plant, which makes for a super busy harvest season.  I also like […]

July Farm News The time has come…peach season is in full swing!  Peaches are by far, my favorite fruit.  Taking a bit out of the perfect one and having the juice run down your arm just screams summer to me.  Peaches are such a versatile fruit.  What other fruit can you- freeze, can, blend into […]

donkeys in barn

The Barnyard at Orr’s has been open since 2018.  It originally started as the new location for our pumpkin patch with the idea that we’d add animals and a small petting zoo. Each season we’ve added new animals, some purchased…and some born here.  Now we’re open 3 seasons a year with reservations! We’ll host our […]

Apple Nachos

Some of my favorite apples are Granny Smith, Pink Lady, and Mountaineer York. I’m always looking at different ways to prepare them, so I don’t get burnt out, on the same thing. Recently, I’ve been making apple nachos. To make this, wash, and cut up your apple. Heat up some caramel, and chocolate. You can even use peanut butter, if […]

Summer Veggies

Did you know that we put months of planning into our gardens each year? It’s not as easy as just picking out some seeds, and throwing them in the ground for us. We plant multiple gardens every season, full of lively vigorous plants. Starting in January every year, we have a Garden Planning Meeting as a […]

Orrs Strawberries

We’ve invited the public out year after year, since the 1980’s, for pick your own strawberries.  That’s over 40 years of planting, tending, and harvesting this tasty fruit.  We usually plant our strawberries in late summer or early fall as bare root plants.  In November or December, we cover them with plant covers to help protect them […]

Mother's Day

  Every year, on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate the special women in our life. Did you know that more calls are made on Mother’s Day, than any other day of the year? Personally, my mom and I talk just about every day. I recognize the fact that one day, she won’t be here any longer. That’s […]

Orrs Asparagus

Calling all asparagus lovers, the time is here!  We just picked the first batch of homegrown asparagus from our gardens.  We grow both green, and purple asparagus.  What’s the difference you may ask?  Purple asparagus tends to taste a tad bit sweeter than the green.  Some people say they can’t tell the difference between the […]