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Now open for longer hours on Fridays and Saturdays to help service all our wonderful customers. We look forward to seeing you and your family and friends. Stop by and show them why Orr’s Farm Market is your favorite spot!

Convenient Curbside pickup is still available through online and phone orders. If you prefer the convenience of curbside, we’re happy to assist you.

Monday – Thursday 10 – 5
Friday & Saturday 10 – 7
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Betty Goat
Betty Goat
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May Barnyard Hours:
9AM – 5PM
(last reservation at 3pm)

The Barnyard is open by reservation! Love adorable baby animals? We do, too! Our barnyard is full of cuteness – goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, mini-horses, mini-donkeys, and more!

Orrs Flowers

Now Selling Mulch and Flowers!

We’ve just gotten our bagged mulch in for your convenience. We have several colors available and some other products to make your gardening season easier.

Flowers have arrived in pots and hanging baskets. The colors are beautiful and we have a nice variety. We look forward to getting in vegetable starter plants and herbs within the next week when the cool weather breaks.

Stop by and check out what’s new at Orr’s Farm Market this week!

Garden, Garden, Garden

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks in our gardens as we prepare for the 2022 season.

Currently we’re laying plastic and planting our starter plants from the nursery. We also have planted several thousand fruit trees in the last few weeks. It’s such a promising time of year to see the crops going into the soil. Some of our cole crops aren’t too far out on harvest!

If you’re looking for vegetables for canning and freezing this year, just give us a call at 304-263-1168 or email us at orrsinfo@gmail.com to be notified when a certain item is ready and in our market. We’re looking forward to bringing in the harvest for you!

Orchards are also being rotated out to update some of our older blocks of trees. If you see trees being bulldozed out…don’t panic! We’re just following the normal cycles of planting new trees where the variety is outdated or the trees are getting less productive. We plan to keep planting, harvesting, and selling the best tree fruits possible as we move into this year.

Laying down plastic
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Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos

Some of my favorite apples are Granny Smith, Pink Lady, and Mountaineer York. I’m always looking at different ways to prepare them, so I don’t get burnt out, on the same thing. Recently, I’ve been making apple nachos. To make this, wash, and cut up your apple. Heat up some caramel, and chocolate. You can even use peanut butter, if you prefer. Drizzle it over top, and sprinkle with your favorite toppings. So good, and still healthy-ish. Apples have so many uses.  Think about it; Juices, cider, pies, salads, cakes, and so much more. A staple in my house is apple pie, and vanilla ice cream, for dessert. You can’t go wrong, when it comes to pie. Click this link, to our Pinterest page, to find recipes for apples.    

This time of year, most customers are surprised to learn, that we still have apples. We are done harvesting our apples by mid-November, usually. We put them into cold storage once picked, to preserve them, without jeopardizing the flavor. Our farm grows over 20 varieties of apples. We also rent a neighboring farm, from which we harvest roughly 15 varieties as well. This makes for lots, and lots, of apples. Our apple season seems to extend each year, which is great for our customers. Did you know that apple trees make up over half of the world’s tree fruit production? Apples are rich in fiber, and antioxidants. Apples from the grocery store are always a gamble, as you really don’t know where they are coming from, or how long they’ve been sitting on the shelf. Our apples in the farm market are sorted daily, to ensure the very best, quality, for our guests. Make sure you pick up some apples next time you visit! 

Orrs Family

Since George S. Orr, Jr purchased the land in 1954, Orr’s has depended on extended family and close friends to help bring in the harvests. Without such a dedicated staff of employees our farm would not be what it is today. George S. Orr, Jr. would be proud of what the family has accomplished so far, but there are many goals still on the horizon.

Meet our family . . .