Orr’s Farm Market Is OPEN with Mulch, Market Goods, and our Spring Barnyard!

Convenient Curbside pickup is still available through online and phone orders. If you prefer the convenience of curbside, we’re happy to assist you.

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We can’t wait to show you all we have planned for 2021!

Thank you, Orr’s

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The Barnyard at Orr's Farm Market

The Spring Barnyard
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April Hours:

Tuesday  – Saturday   10am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm
Closed Monday

We’re open! The store is to the public and curbside service is still available through online and phone orders.
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Can you believe it’s already April? Seems like just yesterday we were saying farewell to the crazy year of 2020.  A new year means new projects here on the farm. Did you know that the big building you see when you pull up to the market on the right is our packing shed? It operates just 6 months […]

Orrs Family

Since George S. Orr, Jr purchased the land in 1954, Orr’s has depended on extended family and close friends to help bring in the harvests. Without such a dedicated staff of employees our farm would not be what it is today. George S. Orr, Jr. would be proud of what the family has accomplished so far, but there are many goals still on the horizon.

Meet our family . . .