Citrus Season

Citrus Season

January officially starts peak “citrus season” at Orr’s Farm Market. This is the time of year we start to bring in all kinds of citrus that’s not normally available other times of the year. We source from both Florida and also California. Each state seems to grow different varieties with completely different characteristics.

Navel oranges are our top seller when it comes to citrus. We sell them by the piece, by the half case, or full case. Oranges, as most of us know, are an excellent source of Vitamin C, but did you know they also help fight off inflammation? There are tons of ways to consume oranges; the obvious being orange juice — my daughter’s personal favorite. You can eat them fresh, top your salads, or throw them in a dessert bread recipe.

The second most popular citrus item would be Red Grapefruit. Grapefruit are one of my top favorite snacks to fight off the winter blahs. Grapefruit are another citrus that are high in vitamin C. If you were to eat just one whole medium size grapefruit daily you would get your daily requirement for vitamin C in one sitting.  You can consume them the traditional way, sliced with sugar on top…or try a new recipe!

Next up, Cara Cara Oranges which are growing in familiarity and popularity each year. These deliciously sweet fruits are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. These are very similar to Navel Oranges, just slightly sweeter, and with a lower acidity level. The flesh of these fruits is a subtle pink color versus a bright orange. I’ve found that our customers love these almost just as much as Navel Oranges.

Blood Oranges are another customer favorite due to their unique color. They look like an orange from the outside, but when you slice it, it’s a beautiful red color instead. Blood Oranges are full of special antioxidants that are known for their anti-cancer properties. My personal favorite way to enjoy these is just simply peeling and eating them. However, Blood Oranges are featured in a number of different winter recipes.

Mandarin Oranges are often the go-to citrus snack for kids, or younger kids due to their size. You’ll find that most Mandarin Oranges are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. The skin tends to be on the thin side making them easy to peal. They are also one of the sweetest citrus fruits you can find. Easy to pack into your lunch boxes or grab on the go!

Lemons and Limes are the other staples you’ll find in the market.Unlike all the other citrus fruit, we try and stock lemons and limes all year long in our farm market since lots of recipes call for fresh lemon or lime juice.

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