Mountain State Maple Days 2024

mountain state maple days


Twice a year in West Virginia, we celebrate all things maple syrup.  It’s the 3rd Saturday in February and March every year.  Since our first weekend of Maple Days was a hit, I thought I would write about the West Virginia maple syrup items that we sell at Orr’s Farm Market. 

We’ve been selling West Virginia maple syrup from Bowers Maple Farm for over 15 years. Their farm is located in Petersburg, West Virginia. Mark and Debbie Bowers deliver their delicious maple syrup to us bi-monthly.  The maple syrup is available in plastic jugs, or glass bottles (which make the perfect gift.)  Their maple syrup is truly superior to anything we’ve ever tasted.  When buying maple syrup, always be sure to check the ingredient label. If there are a bunch of words you can’t pronounce, it’s maple-flavored corn syrup.  If you’re not local to us by chance, you could check out this map here that provides a list of over 50 farms that are members of the West Virginia Maple Syrup Producers Association.

Why is Maple Days such a big deal?  A lot of Sugarhouses (maple farms) open up their operations for the public to come see how maple syrup is made.  From tapping it from the trees, to boiling it down to the real deal.  Some also offer samples, and activities for kids.  What a great science lesson if you are homeschooling!  To see a full list of who is participating in Maple Days, click here. 

The bakery department has a lot of fun concocting new desserts made with maple syrup!  For Maple Days we are offering a few maple inspired desserts.  The first one was introduced last year and it was a HUGE hit.  Apple Cider Donut Bread Pudding with a Maple Syrup Glaze.  This a made with our famous Apple Cider Donuts so you surely can’t go wrong here.  We drizzle it with a maple glaze that is perfection!  A new offering is our homemade cinnamon rolls, with a maple icing on top.  You can get a single, 3 pack, or 6 pack of this tasty treat.  Just when I thought they couldn’t make the rolls any better, the bakery made this!  Last for maple desserts is our Maple Glazed Donut.  The customers went wild over this last weekend, so we know it’s a winner also.  It’s a yeast donut dipped in a maple glaze.   

We hope you join us the 3rd weekend in March to celebrate the last West Virginia Maple Day of 2024.  We plan to have all the maple products listed above, and a huge maple syrup display.  See you soon!