About Our Farm & Family

During the depression days in the mid 1930’s, George S. Orr, Jr. helped his grandfather by working on his small fruit and berry farm. This farm was located just west of Martinsburg on the east side of North Mountain (Arden). As a young man George joined the U.S. Navy and traveled to California where he met his wife Juanita. With fruit growing in his blood, George S. Orr, Jr. returned to West Virginia and purchased a 60 acre orchard in 1954 and began a lifetime of growing fruit. With help from his family he increased the size of his orchard to 350 acres by 1979.

The time period of the 1980’s brought progress in several areas.  The size of the orchards grew as the farm acquired adjacent properties to lease or buy for production acreage. The diversification of fruits and varieties grown increased as well.  The packing facility was updated and enlarged and the brand “My Three Sons” was developed in honor of Mike, Mark, and G.W…George and Juanita’s three sons. When George S. Orr, Jr. passed away in 1989, he was 62. He left his business to his wife Juanita, and their three sons (Mike, Mark, and G.W.). The corporation George S. Orr & Sons, Inc. owned 1,100 acres of orchards at that time, producing 500,000 bushels of fruit annually. The brand was “My Three Sons”.

In 1995 the family opened Orr’s Farm Market, a retail market to serve our local community. As the word spread about the fruits and vegetables being grown, the local customer base multiplied rapidly.   The new farm market was needed to accommodate the growing number of customers. Throughout the early 2000’s the retail farm market continued to expand and grow. In 2007, Katy Orr-Dove returned to the farm to help manage the retail operation. She continued to increase the retail farm market, added a bakery, and brought in the school tours and field trips.  The pumpkin patch was also added at this time at the request of many customers. A small herd of bison was purchased at the request of animal-lover, Mark Orr.  The farm produced bison meat and added that to the farm market offerings for the next decade. The relocation of the cherry patch from Loring Hill Orchards to the Orr’s Farm Market area also occurred at this time to create a more centralized location for all pick your own crops.

2018 brought a splitting of the farm into two parts, which was one of our greatest challenges as a family. Don Dove and Katy Orr-Dove stepped into General Manager positions to assist Mark Orr with the running of the farm.  Olivia Orr took over the Barnyard operations and Robbie Roberts and Eric Spindle stepped into orchard manager and assistant manager positions. During the split, half the orchards went to each brother that remained in the business (Mike and Mark) to operate as they so chose. The Mark Orr family kept ownership of the southern part of our orchards, Orr’s Farm Market, Loring Hill Peach Packing Shed and the Smith Apple Packing Shed. They also retained the growing pumpkin patch and barnyard area.  The Mark Orr family brought a more active focus to agritourism, community involvement, and retail sales at the farm.

After three years of operating as a new team, the fall of 2020 brought the sudden loss of Mark Orr. The farm is transitioning to the third generation and will continue to maintain a strong focus on producing top quality fruits and family entertainment. Projects for this year include building new offices, a new bakery, and starting production of the pick your own apple orchards we’ve been establishing for three years.   Our goal is to give the community a place to make memories and experience the taste and value of West Virginia Grown fruits and vegetables.  Please bring your family and friends to visit us and get to know our family!

George S. Orr, Jr. would be proud of what the family has accomplished so far, but there are many goals still on the horizon. Generations past have left a legacy of determination, innovation, quality, and competition that will not be forgotten.

George S. Orr Jr.

George S. Orr, Jr. (founder)

John and Phyllis

John and Phyllis Lee

Mark Orr

In Memory of Mark Orr
January 27, 1958-October 27, 2020

Katy Orr-Dove

General Manager-Retail, and President

Katy is a third generation Orr and the daughter of Mark Orr. She is a graduate of Shepherd University where she studied Early Childhood Education. After teaching for 5 years, she returned to be part of the family business. When a position as farm market manager opened up, Katy was excited to be part of the retail department at Orr’s. Katy is passionate about sharing the fruits grown on her family farm with the community and educating others about agriculture. Creating family-friendly experiences and atmospheres is what Katy enjoys most. Katy is currently the president of the corporation and oversees the farm market locations, farmers market, and any events on the farm. When not at work, you can find her participating in regional ministry events and riding her horse. Katy has been on the board of the West Virginia Farmers Market Association, has been secretary of the West Virginia Horticulture Society, a member of the West Virginia Agritourism Association, and volunteers in the local school system.

Don Dove

General Manager, Production & Sales

Don grew up in Jefferson County WV, where working hard in a family business had been instilled in him from a young age. Don’s family ran multiple different ventures including excavation and retail. He graduated from Shepherd College with a degree in Computer Science. He worked as an apprentice electrician for a couple of years before working as a building engineer in hotel and health care. These wide varieties of experiences propelled him into the insurance industry as an agent selling and writing commercial and agricultural insurance policies for Nationwide Insurance. After 5 years in the insurance industry, he met his now wife Katy at the fair in Berkeley County WV where they were both running their respective commercial booths. Two years later he had an opportunity at Orrs to manage the packing operation. He spent the next 10 years learning the operations of the orchard business from Katy’s family. In 2018 after the business had gone through some corporate changes, he was given the opportunity to put his many years of expert training from Mark and Mike Orr into action and became the General Manager. Don enjoys serving in the church and spending time with his family. His main goal is to provide the highest quality produce with integrity and honesty in our growing techniques.

Robbie Roberts

Orchard Manager

Robbie Roberts was born and raised in Berkeley County, WV. He has been with Orr’s since 1986, when he started working in the orchard before graduating high school. Robbie trained under Mark Orr and other skilled orchard employees for many years. He enjoys watching the orchard grow through the seasons. When he is not in the orchard managing spray schedules and informing everyone when everything is ready to harvest, he is in the woods hunting or at the softball field watching his granddaughters play.

Eric Spindle

Assistant Orchard Manager

Eric has grown up on the farm since the age of 12. He is a nephew/cousin to the Orr family and was later adopted by Melissa and Mark Orr. He spent his early summers working with Mark in the orchard and Katy in the farm market. After attending Marshall for a time, he decided to come home and work the land he loves. Eric has been a full-time employee for the past 10 years. He works in the orchard and gardens as an assistant orchard manager. When Eric is not tending to crops you can find him watching a movie or playing with his dogs.

Cassie Thorton

Assistant Farm Market Manager

Cassie came to Orr’s Farm market in 2022. She has been in the Retail World for over 20 years and has brought her knowledge and expertise with her to the Farm. Before Orr’s she has worked for multiple retail clothing companies as a Store Manager and Visual Merchandising Manager. Her goal has always been to provide the Best customer experience and service and to make an impact on those around her. She oversees the daily operations of the farm market, including training of new staff, to provide excellent guest service. She is a wife and mother of two amazing boys, 18 & 9. She enjoys spending quality time with her family in the great outdoors exploring, kayaking, hiking, and also just relaxing at home.

Tony Dunham

Assistant Farm Market Manager

Tony is proud to have been born and raised on a small farm right here in Berkeley County, West Virginia. After graduating high school, he attended Lincoln Tech and Liberty University. While at Liberty he met his wife Alicia and started his now family of six, which includes his children Grace, Trent, Hazel, and Whillow. After graduating from the Liberty Bible Institute, he enjoyed a brief stint in youth ministry, and then on to customer service and management in the automotive field. Tony founded and operated a wholesale poultry production farm in Back Creek Valley, West Virginia for 3 years.  He’s now thankful to blend skills from all these prior endeavors as he manages the retail operation at Orr’s Farm Market. He enjoys using his position at Orrs to share his farming knowledge, mechanical skills, and faith while interacting with his hometown community, family, and friends.

Jackie Dove

Advertising Manager

Jackie has worked at Orr’s for over 10 years combined. She started when she was just 15 years old, and left for some time before returning in 2020. Currently she oversees all things marketing and advertising, though she has also acted as Assistant Manager for several years. You may see her in the market or around the farm taking action shots for our social media. She enjoys capturing the beauty of the farm and sharing it with our community. In her free time you’ll catch her spending time with her family doing anything outdoors, or snuggling with her cat named Squishy.

Christina Loy

Outreach Manager

Christina joined the Orr’s Farm Market team in 2018. She graduated from Virginia Tech where she earned a Master’s Degree in Education.  She taught Spanish for ten years and later became a stay-at-home mom for several years before coming to Orr’s farm market to work. Customers are her heart!  Christina enjoys running field trips and visiting local schools to educate children about the importance of farming. She loves bringing the Orr’s Farm Market to local nursing homes as well as the Hedgesville Local Farmer’s Market.  Christina directs the live acted dramas that are held at Orr’s, such as the “Live Nativity” and the “Jesus: He Is Risen” events. Christina loves to craft and decorates the Orr’s photo booth for each season. When she is not working, Christina enjoys spending time with her family, riding her horse, volunteering on her day off at a local school, and doing outreach with the ministry that she co-founded.

Tammy Jones

Barnyard Manager

Tammy was born and raised in Martinsburg. She has always loved agriculture and getting her hands dirty. She has thirty years experience as a Garden Production Manager at another local business. She wanted to work closer to home so she joined the Orr’s team in 2016.  She has been the Assistant Farm Market Manager and now works in our Barnyard. She loves being in the Barnyard with the animals. She loves the care of the animals and watching the families come and enjoy them.  In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family, her dogs, and her gardening.

Tammy Pierson

Office Manager

Tammy joined Orr’s Farm Market in 2015 after taking some time away from the workforce to spend time with her family. Over the past 20 years, she has had experience in customer service and office management. Here at the farm, she has various responsibilities that keep her busy in the office including the ordering of products and inventory control. Working with an amazing team is her favorite part of the job. Outside of work she loves to spend time with her family and friends, playing guitar and singing.