Season Pass

orrs farm market season pass


We have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding our Summer Season Pass, so I thought why not write a blog about it to answer everyone’s questions.  This pass is perfect if you’re looking for something to entertain your family this summer.

First, lets talk about what a season pass is.  Our Summer Season Pass is designed for those who frequent our farm often.  It allows you unlimited free admission to The Barnyard (Package 1) during business hours.  You will get free admission to our summer pick your own crops, and you’ll get a discount of 15% off all the fruit you pick.

You may be wondering what is part of The Barnyard?  You will get a tractor ride down and back each time you come.  Perfect for those little ones that love tractors!  If you want any upgrades to your admission package, or if you want to add an animal feed cup, you will get 15% off at the initial check in booth.  No discounts apply at The Barnyard.  Once you’re at The Barnyard you have access seeing all the animals, the Farmer Fun Playground, the many photo ops, a picnic area, and other kid friendly activities in our play yard area.  Most guests stay several hours when they come, so be sure to pack a lunch and enjoy it under our tent area.  If you need light refreshments, drinks, or ice cream those are available at the Snack Shack in The Barnyard.

If you have a fruit loving family, you’ll love the discounts you’ll get from the season pass.  As previously mentioned, your family can come without making a reservation and you’ll never pay admission.  The standard price of admission is $3/person, so what a great savings if you’re coming frequently or have a large family.  Next, you will get 15% off any of the fruit that you pick.  For instance, if you pick $15 worth of strawberries, you’ll only end up paying $12.75.  Another thing to think about is preserving your fruit.  You’re getting a great deal on it, and if you don’t think you can finish it all before it goes bad, try your hand at canning.  There are great resources online, or we have a few employees that can also steer you in the right direction.

The Summer Season Pass is valid May 13th, 2024 through September 2nd, 2024.  At this time, we don’t offer a fall season pass.  If you’d like to purchase a Summer Season Pass, click here.