CSA Season 4

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We have just started taking sign-ups for the 2024 CSA season, so I thought it would be a good time to educate you guys just a bit about the whole process.  Let’s start with the basics; What does CSA stand for?  You may know by now but if not, it stands for community supported agriculture.  Customers sign up for a weekly subscription box of fruits and veggies that are either from our farm, or other local farmers.  We then deliver your weekly box right to your doorstep!  We also offer customers the option to pick up their boxes themselves on a designated day of the week.

Let’s talk share size. Families of 1-2 people will usually select the half share.  If you’ve got a family of 3-4, you’ll want to get the full share.  Once you sign up for your share, depending on your zip code you will get your delivery either on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  If you choose to pick up your box instead, you’ll come to the market at 682 Orr Drive in Martinsburg, WV on Thursdays for that.  You can also add on things to your share that we sell in the market, such as local meat, eggs, honey, Orr’s jarred goods, and mixes.  CSA deliveries start for the 2024 season on May 28th, 2024.

How do we decide what to put in your CSA box each week?  Usually, we look at the harvesting schedule and give our CSA members first dibs on produce.  That means that some weeks the produce comes straight from the field, gets washed, and put right in the CSA boxes, meaning the farm market customers might not see it until the following week when they pick again, and the crops are more bountiful.  Excited for the first peaches of the year?  Chances are you’ll be the first to taste them if you join our CSA.

So why choose to do a CSA program?  There’s many, many benefits of joining a CSA, especially our CSA program.  First the obvious; You get fresh, local produce delivered right to your doorstep.  How convenient is that?  This will make meal planning a breeze because you won’t have to get as much at the grocery store.  Let’s face it, those places are a nightmare anymore.  The next reason is the community you’ll be joining.  A lot of our members create their own friendships within the group of CSA members.  You’ll get to meet the other members at the CSA only events.  We usually host a few pick your own evenings exclusively for CSA members and their families.  It’s a great time to come out and pick your own fruit without the crowds we usually have during the day.

You’ll also be able to join our CSA Facebook group once you subscribe to our CSA.  Each week we will post in the group page what to be expecting in your boxes for the following week.  This will give you some time to meal plan and be ready for your produce.  Many of our members will post photos of what they did with their produce, which in turn gives other members great recipe ideas.

If you’re on the fence about joining, let me throw out another thing to think about.  Customers rave about our customer service, and for good reason too.  Our standards are sky high when it comes to what we put in our CSA boxes, and to dropping them at your door for you.  Do you have an allergy to a certain vegetable that we should be aware of?  No worries here, we’ll be sure to substitute that item out for you.  We try to go above and beyond for our customers because without them, we wouldn’t be here.  If you want to look over the details yourself and sign up, click here.