On Site Photography

Many people enjoy taking family photos at our Christmas Tree field, Photo Booth, and Antique Truck set up. We are planning to have our photo booth and truck decorated by Monday, November 8th for family photo season. Please follow our Photography Guidelines below and note that we are closed Sundays for the season and prefer no customers on the premises that day.


Each year more and more photographers ask to use our grounds for their backdrops. While we welcome you to enjoy our surroundings, here are the guidelines we ask you to follow. 

Photography on the Premises or Orchards:
Hours Allowed: Monday-Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Closed for Visitors on Sundays

  1. Photos are allowed on Orr Drive (the stretch between the farm market and Arden Nollville Rd.) only.  There are other farms adjoining ours, and this is the only way we can ensure you are on our property.
  2. Photos may be taken in the field across from the market (By the Green Truck) .
  3. Please be advised that traffic can be heavy some days on this road, and you’ll need to use caution and pull off the road completely. Keep an eye on young children! Please ensure traffic may get through by pully off the road fully.
  4. Do not drive into the orchards.  Just pull fully into the grass along the road.  This is a working orchard and there are tractors and other operations going on. Also we are putting signage up next to an additional parking lot on Arden Nollville Rd.
  5. Do not block our hay wagon path for our Barnyard hayrides.
  6. Leave our trees and property as you found it, taking any trash with you.
  7. Please do not allow children to hang on branches or break trees.

Thank you for your help with this so we may continue to allow photographers on our farm property. We want everyone to enjoy the beauty of our farm. Please tag us in your photos!

George S. Orr & Sons/ DBA Orr’s Farm Market is not responsible for any accidents on our property. Please use caution and discretion.

Katy Orr-Dove
Nov. 5, 2021