Orr’s Employment Opportunities

Farm Fun While You Earn $!


IT’S GREAT TO WORK AT ORR’S! Do you love a job that is predictable but also changes a bit every day? That’s one of the best things about working at Orr’s Farm Market.

Each day is somewhat the same, but there are changes that keep it interesting and fun. The seasonality gives you something to look forward to at each turn. On slower days we focus on displays, organization, and small groups. Then our busy days go so fast you seem like you’re done before you even start! The physical aspect of the job keeps you in great shape and we have jobs that are indoors and also outdoors.

Orr’s Farm Market has several core positions, listed on the right. But we also have many other positions that change throughout the season. For instance, you may be a retail associate but also work the snack register in the Barnyard. Or you may be a baker, but work in the Hot Cocoa Booth during the Christmas season. These are great jobs for mature and interactive high school & college students, retired folks, stay at home parents, and anyone else looking to be part of an exciting farm environment.

We’re growing and adding new shifts every year. So if you need an after school job, Saturday job, or early morning position….we have something for you! Come see why being part of the Orr’s team is a great way to make unique memories.

Seasonal Part Time Positions Available for Summer 2024!

  • Need 30-40 hours/week? You got it!
  • Only want Saturdays? That’s ok!
  • Want 8:30-3:30 while your kids are at school? Perfect!
  • Working a second job? We’re flexible!
  • Just want to work fall season? Ok!


  • You must be 16 by September 1, 2024 to be eligible for hire 2024.  Half day and full day shifts available. For all positions, you must be:
  • Enthusiastic
  • Willing to be flexible
  • Energetic
  • Have good hygiene
  • Honest and professional

Current Employment Opportunities at Orr’s Farm Market

If you wish to apply for one of these positions; simply download the application form, complete, and return. Applications will be kept on file for consideration for the remainder of the season.

Martinsburg Farm Market Assistant Manager

Job Description

Tractor Driver/Tour Guide

Job Description

Retail Market

Job Description

Kitchen Prep

Job Description


Job Description