The time of the year is upon us when we get ready to start pickin’. Not just our fresh strawberries, cherries, or blueberries—but some good old-fashioned bluegrass!

Our annual Live Bluegrass Weekends are returning in May, and we couldn’t be more excited. You’ll be able to come out to the market to hear some of the best bluegrass music our region has to offer, all while you shop, pick fresh fruit, or simply relax in the warm sun with the family!

As always, we invite you to bring your own lawn chairs, and enjoy some free entertainment. Our Bluegrass Weekends kick off on May 26 with Ernie Bradley & The Grassy Ridge!

Other performances and dates are:

  • May 27 – Stoney Creek Bluegrass
  • June 23 & 24 – Ernie Bradley & The Grassy Ridge
  • June 30 – Copper Canyon Bluegrass
  • July 1 – Stoney Creek Bluegrass
  • July 28 – Copper Canyon Bluegrass
  • July 29 – Ernie Bradley & The Grassy Ridge
  • August 25 & 26 – Ernie Bradley & The Grassy Ridge
  • October 27 – Stoney Creek Bluegrass
  • October 28 – Ernie Bradley & The Grassy Ridge

Each date runs from 11am to 4pm.

Plan to come out each weekend to hear live music, enjoy delicious food, and shop for local, farm-fresh goodies. The Martinsburg Lions Club will also have their food booth open these days, so be sure to grab a hot dog and support a great local organization!

We hope to see you out in the country for some pickin’ at Orr’s Farm Market this summer!!

To see a complete listing of our 2018 events, click here.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

This coming Sunday is Earth Day, and we here at Orr’s Farm Market are excited to celebrate! Being farmers and stewards of the land, we believe it’s important to protect the planet that we have been given.

Every year on April 22, millions of men, women, and children gather across the globe to collect garbage, plant trees, and complete other environmental projects. Some of the best projects are those that are community based and community organized. Not only does the effort bring people together, but it also allows us to cultivate and preserve the world in which we live.

Here are a few simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day this year!

Start a Garden

Local agriculture is highly important to us—obviously. One of the simplest ways you can contribute to that effort is by planting your own backyard garden. You don’t have to have soil in your veins or two green thumbs; all you need is a little knowhow and small patch of ground. You can even begin your garden with a DIY windowsill box!

Plant a Tree

There are many communities in the area that will be planting trees this Sunday. If you’d rather gather a group yourself to embark (tree pun) on this planting adventure, be sure you check with local government before heading out. This will be a wonderful opportunity to get your neighbors, relatives, and kids involved in the planting. You dig the hole, your neighbor holds the tree, and your kids fill the hole back up with dirt. Everyone is involved, and all make the world a little greener!

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Have some old egg cartons laying around? How about some plastic bottles, aluminum cans, or cardboard? Instead of simply throwing these items out with the next trash run, make the conscience effort to take these items to the nearest recycling center. Or, you can even put these items to creative use and let the kids turn the recyclables into a fun craft or project! There is no reason to let the items go to waste. Make them useful again!

Advocate for Renewable Energy

Earth Day projects don’t have to be obvious—you can think outside the box. One way to do that is to research and advocate for renewable energy sources. Did you know there are solar energy companies here in the Eastern Panhandle? Solar energy is possibly the most viable and sustainable renewable energy source for the future. You can do a quick Google search and find the companies servicing our area and look into having solar panels installed for your home. With some easy adjustments and a small investment, you can become an energy-efficient superhero! Not all heroes wear capes.

Host a Screening of Disney’s Earth

While not the most obvious celebration of Earth Day, this documentary highlights the migration of different animal families as they make their way across our planet. Not only will this film give you a better understanding of our animal brethren, but you’ll also see a fuller beauty of what our planet has to offer. If you can walk away from this movie without crying or a desire to preserve nature, you may need to check your pulse.

Visit Orr’s Farm Market

Now that we are back to being open seven days a week, Sunday will be the perfect opportunity to stop by the market to pick up some of our fresh, local produce and products! Spring is now here, which means we have many delicious items for you to choose from. Earth Day is a great time to buy local, buy fresh, and celebrate nature with Orr’s!

Earth Day is coming up, and there’s nothing more important to a farmer than our earth. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to breathe fresh air and work outdoors as often as we do. To ensure we can continue enjoying this lifestyle, we make sure to take care of our environment. We all work many hours each day to care for our trees, harvest crops, mow grass, pick up stray litter, and work with mother nature in all her glory.

Here at Orr’s Farm Market, we like to do our part to go green with our farming practices.

We Practice Integrated Pest Management

…or IPM, for short. Though it’s hard to organically grow tree fruits in the moist, hot West Virginia climate, using IPM methods reduces pests while spraying less pesticides and working with nature’s naturally beneficial insects. There are a few IPM methods that we employ, including:

  • Pheromone traps – these traps hang in our trees, and scientists stop by every week to read the numbers. These studies assist the federal government in research of invasive insect species—such as the stink bug—so we may then prevent these harmful insects from overpopulating our country. Once the pheromone trap numbers reach a certain, dangerous threshold, we spray our crops. We are determined to only spray as needed to keep our produce as safe and organic as possible.
  • Carefully choosing our products – we don’t want to harm insects that will help our plants. Over half of the pesticides we use are labeled for organic use.
  • Taking soil samples – we regularly check our soil to ensure that we don’t overuse the fertilizer or pollute groundwater.

We realize that going completely organic may not be an ideal reality for our farm, but we are proud to dedicate our farm and our lives to creating better, more natural produce, away from the overuse of pesticides and fertilizer. We know that taking care of our farm now means better produce for generations to come!

Our Crops Are Non-GMO

…or Non-Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs are typically unnatural, human-modified hybrid products. Some scientists have found how to crossbreed produce—like an apple—so that the skin grows thicker, making it harder for bugs to penetrate the produce and eat it.

However, what happens when those beneficial insects can’t help the produce anymore? Or what happens when livestock or even people eat these GMO products? At Orr’s Farm Market, we promise that all of our homegrown crops are non-GMO.

Working so closely with mother nature has taught us the importance of being “green” and following practices that will help the environment for future generations—so you can eat guilt-free! For us, going green means more than just saving green!


Speaking of crops, our Pick Your Own season is just around the corner! Be sure to check out our harvest dates and prices by clicking here

Everyone has good intentions when it comes to cooking dinner. You want to ensure you get the right amount of protein, starch, and veggies for a balanced diet—and a healthier you! And while your intentions may be pure in the mornings, come nighttime, sometimes it’s harder to stick to it. If cooking dinners is the hardest part of your day, here are some tips for you!


Sometimes the hardest thing about eating a healthy dinner is committing. In the morning, you may be motivated and even excited about cooking a delicious, healthy dinner, but after a long day of work sometimes you just want to pour a bowl of cereal and call it a day. Commit yourself to a healthy dinner, no matter how tired you are. Chances are, the healthier you eat, the better you’ll feel afterward. End your night on a good note! To do that, you must commit!

Plan Ahead

Similar to committing, know what you’re going to make for dinner and stick with it! If you’re bouncing around food ideas in your head all day, chances are you’re going to give into whatever you’re craving by the time you get home. However, if you have a plan and you know you’re going to make some delicious chicken stir-fry when you get home, you have something to look forward to all day long!

Cut Veggies—ASAP

Going to the grocery store is stressful enough. By the time you make it back home and unload all of your food, you’re exhausted. But stick with it—cut all those veggies as soon as you get home! How many times have you skipped out on the healthier options, just because you hadn’t cut your lettuce or picked your grapes yet? Getting all of the side work out of the way now will ensure that you can make a quick, healthy decision later. Do it now—you’ll thank yourself in the future. 

Meal Prep

If you have any friends that are into CrossFit, the Paleo diet, or weightlifting, we’re sure you’ve come across this term. More often than not, it means taking a day (usually Sunday) to organize and portion out all of your meals for the duration of the week. You then put them in Tupperware containers and stick them in the fridge until it’s time for you to eat. It’s the same idea as planning ahead—you don’t have to waste time figuring out what to eat, it’s already there for you. All you have to do is heat it up when you’re ready.

Another version of meal prepping—if you’re looking for a “fresh” meal—can be to measure out everything you need ahead of time. Take whatever recipe you’re going to cook that evening, and measure all of the ingredients out in the morning. That way when the time comes for you to cook it all, you only have to toss the pre-measured ingredients into a bowl, pot, or pan and BAM—your fresh dinner is served.

Embrace Leftovers

As with meal prepping, sometimes you just need to embrace the microwave. The easiest way to make dinner is to pull last night’s leftovers out of the fridge and warm it up. There’s no shame in that!

Invest in a Slow Cooker

Everyone and their mothers swear by the slow cooker—and we’re no different! All you have to do is prepare the ingredients and the cooker does all the work! By the time you get home from work, you have a nice, healthy, home-cooked meal waiting for you. How can dinner get any easier?

Ask for Help 

You don’t always have to be Wonder Woman (or Superman). If you have kids, get them to help you! Not only does that take some of the dinnertime prep off you, but it also allows you to bond with your children while engaging them in cooking—a skill they will need and appreciate in the future.

This goes for your spouse as well. Rather than kicking them out of the kitchen for not being the greatest chef, ask them for help and show them how it’s done! Asking for help is a great way to bond with the family!


Cooking dinner shouldn’t be stressful, and finding fresh produce shouldn’t be difficult! At Orr’s Farm Market, we’re dedicated to providing healthy, fresh, and local foods that are a tasty treat. Be sure to check out our market for fresh fruits and veggies to add to your next meal!