Orr’s Pick-Your-Own Grapes

Pick Your Own Grapes

Approximate Harvest Dates:
July 22- September 1

  • Canadace-Red Seedless is first to harvest
  • Concord-Purple with Seeds. One row that harvests second.
  • Steuben-Purple with Seeds. Almost identical to the Concord with a longer more plentiful availability.
  • Golden Muskat-Golden with Seeds. Delicious when you wait until they are golden. Last to harvest.


  • $12.00 Bucket
  • $29.00 Level Half Bushel
  • $3 Admission Fee for everyone 3 years and above.

There’s nothing like a fresh grape plucked right from the vine.

The best time to pick grapes is on a warm and sunny day. The grapes will be the sweetest and will store best if they do not have any moisture. To pick, hold a cluster of grapes in one hand, and snip the entire cluster from the vine with sharp scissors or pruners. Breaking off a cluster is difficult and will damage the plant, it’s best to quickly and cleanly cut the vine with something sharp.

Gently place each bunch in a pail or bucket. That’s it!  Easy enough for everyone to do.

hands holding grape clusters