Strawberry Season Here We Come!

Orrs Strawberries

We’ve invited the public out year after year, since the 1980’s, for pick your own strawberries.  That’s over 40 years of planting, tending, and harvesting this tasty fruit.  We usually plant our strawberries in late summer or early fall as bare root plants.  In November or December, we cover them with plant covers to help protect them from the elements.  In March, we uncover the plants, to allow the blooming plants to be pollinated by the bees.    Once pollinated, the flower petals fall off, and start to grow the berry.  This is where the fun starts!  Did you know we have 5 different strawberry patches?  With over 45,000 plants, producing more than 20,000 pounds of berries per year, this is our biggest pick your own crop we grow. Next year we’re replanting our 3 oldest patches into high-density plantings. We’ll be doubling the amount of berry rows in each patch! We can already imagine the booming double portions we’ll receive from these plants.

Strawberry season this year looks a little different than previous years.  We are still doing pick your own, by reservation only, just like 2020.   We decided to change our pricing structure to be by container, versus per pound.  By prepaying for containers…you don’t have to return to the booth to weigh your buckets when you’re done. This makes the checkout process much less frustrating, as you are often hot and tired from picking and just want to head to your air conditioned car right away!  You can make your reservations here, and, get more tips, pricing, and schedules.

Prefer pre-picked instead?  Call the store at 304-263-1168, and we’d be happy to put an order in for you to pick up.  We are so excited for the 2021 picking season, and can’t wait to see you, and your family!

You’ve picked your berries, now, what to do with them?

• Freeze them for smoothies
• Make jam, jelly, or even butter
• Top off your summer salad
• Make cake, cobbler, or cupcakes
• Grind them up for strawberry ice cream
• Garnish your beverage with them

Once you’ve picked all your berries, follow this link for a strawberry cupcake recipe.