Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day


Every year, on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate the special women in our life. Did you know that more calls are made on Mother’s Day, than any other day of the year? Personally, my mom and I talk just about every day. I recognize the fact that one day, she won’t be here any longer. That’s why it’s so important to take a second now, and tell your mom, mother figure, female role model, that you love them.  

Want to do something different for Mother’s Day? How about a trip to the farm market? This time of year, it’s so pretty here. As you drive in, you’ll see the apple and peach trees with some beautiful mountain panoramic views as the background. Once at the market, there are colorful flowers and plants as far as the eye can see.  We’ll also have fresh Carolina strawberries, homegrown asparagus, and local apples. Once you’ve browsed through the market and gift shop, walk across the road to our beautiful field.  Our famous Orr’s Market old truck is awaiting all your photography ventures. It makes the perfect back drop for any family photo. Make sure to take a picture with mom while you’re here!  Share your photos with us on Facebook if you like, we get excited to see what you’ve captured on our farm.  

Finish off your visit by visiting The Barnyard at Orr’s. Book your reservation today, to ensure your spot for this busy customer weekend.  Visit Our Barnyard Page to see what is included in our Barnyard packages and check availability for your families visit. If you got “littles” with you, we’ve got a Farmer Fun Playground, which is new this year. Get up close to cute baby animals, like, bunnies, lambs, and goats. Don’t forget to visit with the mini horse, and mini donkeys while you’re here. Take this moment to create a memory with your beloved family members.

After your visit, click here for a link with 15 of the most popular Mother’s Day brunch ideas to make your life easier.  

One final note on this blog. We know many of you have recently lost your mothers or may not have a mother. Some of you may want to be mothers and are unable to be. Take a moment to brighten the day of a widow, child, or another female in your life who could benefit from that special outreach in their life. As someone who’s just experience the loss of a family member we know holidays are tough…and brightening the day for someone else always makes it better.