Hello, fall!

As always, while we’ve been hanging on to the last threads of summer, September snuck right in. We had a grand time in June, July, and August. Now we’re ready for another season full of activity and events.

Fall is special. As it arrives, it brings about a certain excitement and feeling of comfort. Maybe it’s because it signals so many changes: the air cools down, we start trading shorts for jeans, school’s back in session, and holidays are on the way. Here on the farm, fall’s warmer colors and colder winds are a welcome symbol of great things to come. We celebrate the season with new crops and good times.

Don’t miss our annual Fall Farm Fun Days. This year it takes place the weekend of September 23 and 24 (Saturday and Sunday). As every year, we have a lively festival planned, including bluegrass music, homemade food and baked goods, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, craft vendors, and children’s activities. For more info, click here.

Local, seasonal fruits don’t end with summer. Make sure to visit us this month! The most well-known fall fruit is of course the apple.  We’ve got ‘em crisp and bright in September, just in time to pack in school lunches and pile high in apple pie!

We will be hosting a Bin Apple Special September 16-November 26.  This is your chance to mix and match homegrown West Virginia apples for a discounted price! Pick your own out of bins and get the perfect combination of varieties. If you’ve never tried a mile-high apple pie, go for it this year. Check out a recipe right here.

Another autumn crop is the pear. Harvest begins in September and continues through October. Pears tend to take a backseat to apples in popularity, but they’re just as versatile—and certainly delicious. They’re great in savory dishes, like this pear-gorgonzola tart. In their raw form, with a softer in texture than apples, pears are a good choice for younger kids who are still learning to eat whole foods.

Orr’s Farm and Market is prepped and pepped for what’s to come. We look forward to a season of newness: crops, recipes, events, and, of course, new friends. Happy fall!