Meet Orr’s Supervisor, Sammy Powers

Name: Samantha Powers
Job Title: Supervisor
Job Description: Customer service, driving forklift, opening/closing the store, etc.
Why I love working at Orr’s: 
Out of the many unique things about Orr’s, I love the true sense of family it provides. This is my third year here, and it’s awesome to see each department working together every day to ensure quality produce is sent out the door to our customers. I’m also grateful for the lasting friendships made here with coworkers, as they truly seem more like family. We go out together often and stay in contact with each other outside the workplace. Orr’s embodies the true definition of family and that is what I love most about working here.

Her favorite fruit: Definitely the cherries. Not only are they nutritious, but they are tasty and easy to pick.

Favorite item from the Market: I have two favorite items here at Orr’s. The first would be the Peach Habenero Salsa. I made pork tenderloin for dinner one night and we used the salsa as part of the marinade before cooking it and as a condiment when serving. It was delicious! My guilty pleasure item would be the chocolate chip whoopie pies; if I could eat one every day I would, but that doesn’t quite fit in my meal plan.

Favorite season at Orr’s: My favorite season at Orr’s is pumpkin season. Not only because we get so many types of pumpkins, but because there is so much going on at the store. We have bluegrass music on some weekends, pumpkin patch field trips, the famous apple cider doughnuts, and our annual Fall Farm Fun Days. I always look forward to that weekend because there are so many neat vendors and everyone working together just makes it have a special kind of energy.
Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy fishing, spending time with friends, and going to the gym to work out. I love fitness and health, so it is fitting that I work at a farmer’s market, where there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to pick from.
How Orr’s has impacted Sammy as a person: Before I was hired at Orr’s, I was very reserved and quiet. Working here has allowed me to “break out of my shell.” Now I thoroughly enjoy running register and answering phones, because it allows me to interact with customers and it is really neat to hear their stories. I also have gained so much knowledge on the produce we sell and the details on each variety, which will greatly aid me when I leave for Marshall University this fall to study Dietetics. All in all Orr’s has taught me so many job skills and life skills that it seems more than “just a job”- it is a special part of my life that I’ll always value.