Rich soil has a distinctive smell. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never smelled dirt before but it’s like smelling the Earth and everything that came before it.

In order to really smell the dirt, you need to get down close to it, close your eyes and inhale. That’s what life smells like in its purest sense. It’s what makes the plants grow that feed us.

That smell of soil also reminds us that we know exactly where our food is coming from. And when you come to Orr’s Farm Market, you know more than where your food is coming from — you see some of the faces behind it as well.

It’s that personal connection with our customers we love so much, and pick-your-own is about as personal experience as you can get. As you bend down to pick a berry, it’s you and nature at work.

We’ve done the hard work (with a little help from Mother Nature) for you so that you can enjoy knowing exactly how long it’s been since those berries were picked.

The experience, though, is different for everyone.

Some like to take their baskets out into the fields and go it alone, taking their time with each berry before plucking it from the bush or vine. They examine it carefully before placing into the basket before finding the next one that’s lucky enough to be taken home and put into the person’s famous pie.

There are some who think it’s an Olympic sport to see how many berries can be put into the basket in 10 minutes or less and race back to the counter.

Then there are some — usually families with young children — who see it as an adventure and on the hunt for some tasty berries.

Although we don’t encourage eating in the fields (because there would be a lot of empty baskets!), there is something about eating a berry right off the vine. Yum!

So if you’re looking to pick-your-own, Make Your Reservation , and we’ll await your visit to give you a basket and set you free into our fields.

  • Strawberries – May 18-June 12
  • Sweet Cherries — June 7 – June 30
  • Tart Cherries — June 15 – July 10
  • Blueberries — Early June-Mid July
  • Blackberries-Early August through Mid-September
  • Table grapes — Mid-August through Mid-September
  • Apples-First Year for Apple Picking!!! Woo Hoo! Fall

Please know that crop dates are estimated, and we try to keep you up -to-date as best as possible!

7 replies
  1. Mary O’Shea
    Mary O’Shea says:

    Could I please make a reservation to pick strawberries on Friday, May 14 in the morning about 9 A.M.? I tried to call your farm market number and tried 3 different extensions with no luck. thanks.

  2. Carolyn Gough
    Carolyn Gough says:

    When will you start picking blackberries? Do I need a reservation to come pick? What is the earliest I can pick? Do you have black raspberries this year. If so, when can I pick those?

    • Katy Orr-Dove
      Katy Orr-Dove says:

      Blackberries will begin around the end of July or first of August and last about 5 weeks. Reservations will start about 1 week before the berries do.

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