What’s all the mess about?

Can you believe it’s already April? Seems like just yesterday we were saying farewell to the crazy year of 2020.  A new year means new projects here on the farm. Did you know that the big building you see when you pull up to the market on the right is our packing shed? It operates just 6 months out of the year, but is such a crucial part of our farm when it comes to getting apples ready for our customers. If you were to drive up right now, you’d notice tons of construction workers. What’s happening to the packing shed, you may ask? We are adding on new front offices, as well as building a new bakery. The new bakery is the most exciting addition as it will allow us to expand our baked goods section – yum!  

Orrs Flowers

Over on the market side, our first outside flowers and herbs of the year arrived and I couldn’t be happier. There is something about fresh flowers that just make the store feel inviting. It’s getting warmer out by the day and flowers are the perfect addition to make the front of your home spring-ready! Fresh potted herbs like basil, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and chives are a refreshing option to jazz up your meal.  Click this link to see a recipe for Lime Basil Pie!

The Barnyard at Orr's

The Barnyard at Orr’s is starting back up this month with lots of new features!  The hayride is included in your package and you will enjoy the beautiful blossoms as you ride to the Spring Barnyard. Upon arrival, you will get to see all the animals, including the goats and bunnies.  Did I mention we’re getting a brand new playground on Monday? Make sure you pack a lunch; you’ll want to stay awhile.  Forgot your lunch?  No worries, we’ve got a snack shack set up to curb your needs.  Make sure you bring your camera — there will be lots of photo opportunities! Click here to book your reservation for The Barnyard.