Locally Grown, Locally Known


We are thrilled to be back blogging as the 2017 season kicks into high gear! From fresh produce, fun recipes and fabulous events, Orr’s is so glad spring has finally sprung.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have fresh fruits and veggies that come directly from our soil or a trusted local farmer. In anticipation of the coming season, we’ve been thinking about the importance of locally grown food. From fresh fruits and veggies to locally raised meat, here are just a few reasons we love local:

Better for your body and your taste buds

When you buy in your backyard, produce and other products have a reduced travel time to the shelf. That means fewer steps from start to finish that could lead to contamination. Food that makes a long road trip has the potential for food safety issues at harvesting, washing, shipping and distribution. When you come to Orr’s, you’re getting the cream of the crop, rather than a product that’s traveled thousands of miles with a preservative-packed shelf life.

Shopping local is also better for your taste buds. Our veggies are crisp, the fruit is sweet, and all our products have power packed flavor. Food that takes less time and distance to get to the consumer’s hands hold more nutrients. When food is grown locally, the crops are picked at their peak ripeness instead of being harvested early and then shipped to a retail store. At Orr’s you can pick your own produce and take it home with you all on the same day!

Better for the environment

Encouraging local farming also keeps more green space and open land in your community. Who doesn’t love a beautiful landscape?

Plus, local farm markets require less fuel to transport products to the supermarket, which releases fewer toxins into our atmosphere from travel. Because we’re focused on our community’s preferences, we balance demand based on the local need, which reduces overall waste.

Local farmers keep you in the know

If we grew it, we’ll tell you a lot about it. Our staff will know the exact labor of love that cultivated our fresh produce. Even if we didn’t grow it, our partnerships with local farmers give us a chance to know quite a bit about what you’re consuming when you leave our parking lot. So we encourage you to ask questions as you shop!

Supports the local economy

Buying or shopping local at any business helps to support the local economy. Many of our products use ingredients found throughout the local community. Purchasing local products not only help us continue to provide you with the freshest produce and other food items, but also make relationships with other community businesses across the region.

We want to continue to make connections in our community. When you buy directly from us, you can put a face and even a name to that juicy peach or crisp apple you’re biting into. Become part of the buy local movement and stop by to see us today!

Do you have a favorite reason to shop locally? Comment here and let us know!