Crop Calendars

Strawberries Late May-June
Sweet Cherries Mid June-Late June
Tart Cherries Late June-Early July
Blue Berries Late June-Late July
Black Raspberries Late June-Late July
Semi-Freestone Peaches Early July-Late July
Freestone Peaches Early August-Mid September
Nectarines Late July-August
Plums Late July-August
White Peaches August
Blackberries August
Table Grapes August-Mid Summer
Red Raspberries August-Late September
Watermelon / Cantaloupe August
Summer Apples August
Apples Start in September
Pears September-October
Asian Pears Start in October
Pumpkins Mid September-October

Orr’s Tree Fruit Crop Maturity Chart

Here’s when some of your favorite crops are expected to begin for 2021! With our newly rented 200 acres from Butler Orchards (B&G), we have a larger tree fruit variety assortment than normal.

Crop Calendar Image