Around here, when we think fall, we think apples. This deliciously crisp fruit come in lots of varieties, and each one has their own special taste. With all these yummy flavors, it can be hard to navigate which variety of apple should go in what type of recipe. With years of expertise, we feel like we can accurately guide you in finding your new favorite fall recipe. Here are a few of our favorite recipes we’ve collected over the years!

We know some people have issues with pineapple on pizza, but how about apple? At Orr’s, we love all types of fruit on pizza and this yummy Maple Apples, Blue Cheese and Bacon Pizza is the perfect comfort food for colder fall days. The sweetness of golden delicious apples with the combination of the creamy blue cheese and salty bacon makes this pizza one to die for.

There’s something about apple butter takes us right to the feeling on fall (even if the weather isn’t cooperating). This recipe turns the best Cortland apples into a delectably sweet spread you’ll want to put on everything. Check out this slow cooker apple butter recipe that’s sure to put you in the fall spirit. If you don’t feel like waiting on this recipe to cook, pick up come apple butter in our market!

Looking for the perfect salad to go with your next dinner or potluck? Look no further! This spiralized apple cranberry salad is yummy to say the least. It’s crunchy, creamy and sweet, so it’s sure to please every crowd. It’s great with granny smith apples or pink lady apples, so you can use either, or mix it up and use both!

These easy caramel apple trifles are a perfect way to end the night. They’re simple to make with just cinnamon apples, cinnamon whipped cream, cinnamon granola and caramel. Each of these items you can buy in a store for an easy dessert, or you can follow this recipe for a more homemade, authentic taste. For this recipe, we recommend Honeycrisp apples because they complement cinnamon and caramel so well.

We hope you enjoy a few of these yummy apple-filled recipes this fall. For all your apple needs, come see us at Orr’s Farm Market! We carry plenty of varieties of West Virginia grown apples and would love to share them with you! Come see us!


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