Pick Your Own Strawberries

Orr’s Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

Approximate Harvest Dates

May 13-June 1

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Strawberry Season is Starting Soon!

The market is OPEN for the season and we’ll have great strawberry picking this year. For daily crop availability, check our Facebook page or call 304-263-1168 and press 1 for the farm market.

Strawberry U-Pick Hours

Strawberry picking is open to the public on the following days. Just be sure to check before coming because picking is dependent on weather and crop conditions. Reservation are encouraged to make sure you get in. We have 7 acres of beautiful strawberry plants to pick for this season. That’s 120,000 beautiful plants! We’re very excited that our patches look healthy and full. We look forward to about a month of production. Orr’s Farm Market strives to rotate patches daily to keep our customers happy with the picking conditions.

  • Monday: 9am-5pm (Last ride to patch at 4pm)
  • Tuesday: 9am-5pm (Last ride to patch at 4pm)
  • Wednesday: 9am-5pm (Last ride to patch at 4pm)
  • Thursday: 9am-5pm (Last ride to patch at 4pm)
  • Friday: 9am-7pm (Last ride to patch at 6pm)
  • Saturday: 9am-7pm (Last ride to patch at 6pm)
  • Sunday: Closed

What About Prepicked Strawberries in the Farm Market?

You may call to preorder your flats in advance, but we expect to have plenty of freshly picked strawberries in the farm market for 2024.

U-Pick Strawberries Pricing and Reservations

Please make a reservation before coming to make sure you get in! Click Here for reservations. We open up reservations about 7-10 days before the picking dates so we can make sure to have enough fruit for good picking conditions. So every week you’ll see us add new dates and times to our calendar.

  • $3.00/Person Admission (2 & Under are Free)
  • $6.25/Quart (Approximately 1.85 pounds)
  • $20.00/Half Peck (Approximately 5.5 pound)
  • $37.00/ Peck (Approximately 11.3 pounds)

Summer Season Pass Available for 2024!

Do you love to visit Orr’s Farm Market throughout the season? Do you wish you could find a way to make the Barnyard and Pick Your Own more affordable for your large family? Or do you wish you didn’t have to make a reservation? Our new Summer Season Pass is now available and will be good for unlimited admission to our Barnyard and to our Pick Your Own Patches. You’ll also receive 15% off any fruit picked for the season. The passes can be purchased now and redeemed between May 15 – September 2, 2024.

PYO Strawberries Quart


(Approximately 1.85 pounds)
PYO Strawberries Half Peck Basket

Half Peck

(Approximately 5.5 pounds)
PYO Strawberries Peck Basket


(Approximately 11.3 pounds)
Strawberry Picking at Orrs
Strawberry Picking at Orrs

Strawberry Picking Policies & Recommendations:

With the strawberry lightly in your hand, grasp the stem just above the berry and pinch with your thumb and index finger, pull with a slight twist.  Never pull or tug on the berries.

  • Pick only ripe berries!  They are one of the only fruits that do not continue to ripen after they are picked.
  • For jam, pick berries that are riper and softer for sweetest flavor.
  • Size is not an important characteristic. Small red berries taste just as good, if not better than large red berries. Again, color is the most important quality to look for.
  • Strawberries like to hide!  Be sure to look deep in the center of the plants for hidden red strawberries.
  • Do not pick flowers or green berries as this hurts the strawberry plants.
  • All produce should be washed before eating at home.  Please do not consume strawberries in the field.  
  • Please keep containers level full.  Over-filling leads to smashed berries in the bottoms of your containers, plus some are wasted as they fall off the tops.
  • Please do not walk-on or tear black plastic raised beds
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Orr’s Farm Market is kept clean for your enjoyment. Please do not leave trash in the fields. Wastebaskets are available for your convenience.
  • Please wash your hands before picking.
  • Fields are uneven ground so dress appropriately.
  • What to wear: outdoor clothing, comfortable closed toe shoes.
  • What to bring: sun block, water, insect repellant.

Strawberry Conversion Chart:

1 cup=approximately 4 oz strawberries
1 cup whole strawberries=0.5 cup pureed strawberries
1 cup sliced berries=10 oz package of frozen berries
1 pint=2.5 cups whole small strawberries
1 pint=2.25 cups of sliced strawberries
1 pint=1.67 cups of pureed strawberries
1 pint=12-14 large strawberries
1 pint=16-20 medium strawberries
1 quart= 1.85 pounds (4 servings)
1.5-2 quarts are needed for a 9 inch pie

Storage Tips:

Fresh strawberries are very perishable! Take them straight home and put them in the refrigerator. You should never leave berries at room temperature for long periods of time or leave them in your hot vehicle. Only wash them right before you eat them, a few at a time. Washing them all on day one will lead to berries getting soft sooner. Never submerge your berries in tubs of water…just run them under running water in a colander.

Freezing Tips:

Simply wash and drain well on paper towel. Place the berries in your freezer on a cookie sheet single layered. After frozen, move the berries into freezer tight containers or plastic bags and then place back in the freezer for long-term storage. The berries are good for up to 1 year in the freezer. Great for smoothies!

Pick Your Own Strawberries