Goodness Greatness!

There’s a lot to be happy about in June. Our strawberry fields are filled with smiling faces and a new berry crop is ready to roll. Did you know June is Great Outdoors Month? It seems fitting that the month with the first official day of summer is also a time to celebrate all the fun that can be had under the sun.

Here at Orr’s, we have a great love for the outdoors. After all, that’s where we spend most of our time and where our crops grow. Since food is our livelihood, it’s no surprise that our favorite summer combo is food+fun. No matter what you’re doing, you have to eat, and in the summertime it’s so easy to incorporate food into your outdoor plans. Where you live and even your mood will guide your choice of outdoor activities. If you’re near a river or a lake and want a relaxing afternoon, pack a picnic lunch and a book and find a quiet spot on the bank. Turn off your phone but keep the camera ready: With a quick look at your surroundings, you’re bound to discover photo-worthy bits of nature. Once you get home, go back through your photos and choose one to print and frame.

If you’re landlocked and looking to get your blood pumping, grab a friend or two, fill your backpacks with drinks and snacks, and head to a park, the forest, or a trail on two feet or your favorite set of wheels—bicycle, four-wheeler, skateboard, roller skates—whatever gets you moving! Since you’ll be on the move for a couple hours, you’ll need to boost your energy with healthy foods. Good choices include nuts, berries, avocados, whole-wheat crackers, hummus, or nut butters.

While celebrating the great outdoors, it brings to mind the heart of our operations here at Orr’s Farm Market: Being good stewards of the land. Since our founding in 1954, we’ve continued to educate ourselves on the best farming methods. Along the way, we’ve implemented changes to help us farm in a sustainable manner. Sustainability allows us to continue farming on land that provides nutrients and with pest-management practices that impart minimal impact on the soil and crops. In turn, this allows us to continue providing you the best berries and meats. We consider it our responsibility to maintain a farm that takes into account the health of the land, the workers, and the consumers.

Whether it’s farming or enjoying your favorite activity, one thing’s for sure: The outdoors is truly great. Here’s to a fun-filled, berry-stained June!