Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Still stressing about gifts for some of the most important ladies in your life?

Want to get something other than the typical flowers? Look no further, Orr’s Farm Market is here to save the day! Your mom is guaranteed to appreciate any of these gifts this Mother’s Day—and be sure to save some of these ideas for next year!

Spa Day

Between working, caring for your family, and keeping the house together, your mom does a lot. Chances are she’s been feeling a little run-down from all that spring cleaning. Get her a gift card to a nice, reputable spa so she can enjoy some well-deserved “me time”. Be it a massage, facial, or pedicure, she’s sure to love the R&R.

Clean the House

If she hasn’t started the spring cleaning yet, help her out! She looked after you and the family all day every day for years—it won’t kill you to help her out now! You can tackle all the chores in half the time, leaving you with more time with your mom. Better yet, you can surprise her by cleaning the house when she’s not home! She’ll love the surprise and appreciate the gesture—plus, she’ll love coming home to a nice, clean house (for however long it lasts).

Help with the Garden

Maybe we’re biased, but we love gardening! A lot of moms like to celebrate the start of spring by getting their garden all set up—be it laying down mulch, repotting plants, or weeding the garden. It’s hard, rewarding work that makes your house look beautiful and springy! Why not help her out this year? You can spend some quality time together while beautifying her home! And if you find you enjoy getting down and dirty and working with your hands, you can make it a Mother’s Day tradition!

Help Her with the Party Preparations

If you and your extended family, friends, or neighbors throw a get-together for Mother’s Day, ask mom if she needs any help. And if she says no, help her anyway! She might be able to use your help setting up the table or any outdoor games, or she could have a dish or dessert recipe that you can follow while she’s running around getting last minute items. She’ll love the help, and she’ll be able to enjoy her day! After all, she’s the reason you’re here!

And when it comes to dessert, tell her not to worry! Orr’s Farm Market has plenty of baked goods packages, or come by and pick up one of our farm-fresh pies! Our products are seasonal, so it’s sure to be the best of the best! You can order online now at, or give us a call at 304-263-1168 to place your order. Mom will thank you!

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