Orr’s Pick-Your-Own Black Raspberries

Pick Your Own Black Raspberries

Approximate Harvest Dates:
Begin Around June 20th – July 10

Predicted Season Outlook:

Our patch is smaller for 2020 as we took out the damaged rows that suffered from flooding. We have 6 rows for this season.

$4.99/lb. or $4.79/lb. for 10 lbs or more

Raspberry Picking Tips

  • Wear long sleeves and pants to pick raspberries, as they have thorns. Lightweight material will help you stay cool!
  • Arrive early as there is little shade in a raspberry patch, and it gets hot quickly! Drink plenty of water!
  • It is advisable to check your patch for ripe raspberries every day, or every other day during the raspberry harvest season.
  • The raspberries mature at different rates, so you will want to go through the patch and pick only the ripe ones.
  • Choose raspberries that are plump, firm and fully ripe.
  • Do not pick raspberries which have not fully ripened.
  • Unlike some fruit, raspberries do not continue to ripen after they are picked.
  • A fully ripe raspberry will gently fall into your hand when you pull on it slightly, without effort.
  • When picked, raspberry fruit detaches from the receptacle, so the fruit will have a “cupped” shaped cavity at its centre.
  • If you need to tug at the berry, it is not ready to be picked!
  • You can use our shallow berry containers to pick berries. Piling them into deep buckets will cause them to get mushy.
  • REFRIGERATE raspberries immediately when you get home!!! They are extremely perishable. Use the berries within 2 days and wash them when you get ready to use them. Washing them before refrigeration will lead to mold in your berries.
  • The best time of the day to pick raspberries is in the morning or on a cool, cloudy day, when the sun has not made them too hot, so they will not get mushy as you put them into your containers.
  • Some sources claim that picking raspberries at this time also means that the flavor will be optimal.