Our Bison Herd

Getting Started

The bison first arrived on our farm in March of 2007. Every spring Eastern Bison Association has its auction where farmers who raise bison east of the Mississippi River can bring their animals to be sold. We purchased 2 breeding cows and 2 yearling heifer calves. Around the same time we purchased 2 yearling bull calves that we planned to use for breeding the following year.

Fencing is important when deciding to purchase bison. Because of this we have begun adding new corrals and sturdier fencing to our fields. Most farms that start raising bison fail at this venture when they escape from the fences and are running loose, terrorizing the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Because of this, we decided to start out with younger animals which were smaller,less aggressive, and easier to keep in the fences. Every day we feed the herd sweet apples and produce to keep them as tame as possible, so that if they escape they can be easily caught. However, bison are never considered tame due to their skiddish nature. Now, after six years, they perceive our farm as home. Similar to the bison ancestors which roamed West Virginia before the settlers first came across the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Bison Meat For Sale?

We currently carry bison steaks and burger.  Our next butchering will be late July. Please call before coming out to check on current inventories.  The items are very popular and go fast!  We process the meat locally at a USDA processor two or three times a year.

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