The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes are back, and the kids are in school. Fall is finally here, and there is one thing that’s on everyone’s to-do list this year: carve the perfect pumpkin! So grab your coziest flannel shirt and hitch a ride on the nearest hayride, and we’ll tell you everything you […]

As always, while we’ve been hanging on to the last threads of summer, September snuck right in. We had a grand time in June, July, and August. Now we’re ready for another season full of activity and events. Fall is special. As it arrives, it brings about a certain excitement and feeling of comfort. Maybe […]

Name: Samantha Powers Job Title: Supervisor Job Description: Customer service, driving forklift, opening/closing the store, etc. Why I love working at Orr’s:  Out of the many unique things about Orr’s, I love the true sense of family it provides. This is my third year here, and it’s awesome to see each department working together every […]

A Trip to Iowa Visiting the I am FarmHer Convention in Des Moines, Iowa was an opportunity to leave my farm and make connections with other female farmers. I would encourage female farmers, ranchers, ag business professionals, and anyone even considering farming to look to the 2018 convention for motivation, networking, and educational speakers. Not […]

What’s a great meal that can be made in a flash and feed quite a few? Lasagna! As an Italian food staple, we can’t wait to celebrate National Lasagna Day on July 29th! If you’re going to get in on the celebration, want to take your dish to another level? The next time you’re at […]

Orr's Farm Market Peaches

What says summertime sun more than sweet and juicy Orr’s Farm Market peaches? Whether it’s enjoying them straight out of the market, in a freshly baked pie, or summertime peach ice cream; Orr’s Farm Market peaches are a summertime staple. And we are lucky to have them this year! A couple of southern states like […]

Farming for the Future Farming has been the foundation of our family for over 60 years, but not only is it important to us, it’s crucial to the members of our community. As people with a passion for our land and the community it serves, we want to provide the most ethically sourced products from […]

It’s a new season! As we gladly welcome summer at Orr’s, we know that this is perhaps the best time of year to start truly motivating ourselves to eat healthy because there are a ton of local crops and produce available during peak season. It’s easy to think about eating well, but it’s more difficult […]


There’s just something about our products that you just can’t get in the supermarket. First of all, we don’t want you to think of us as simply a specialty grocery store; we want you to think of us as a grocery store that creates special memories. Our family friendly atmosphere and locally grown produce will […]

As one of nature’s chief superfoods, our blueberries are plump and pretty, ready for you and the family to pick, eat and repeat! We look forward to watching the berry-stained faces and fingers as families leave with their baskets of berries at the end of their trip. Besides being locally grown, our blueberries’ tang will […]