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Fall-ing for Orr’s Farm Market

Fall-ing for Orr’s Farm Market Although fall is a notoriously short season, it’s a favorite of so many because of the wide variety of fun fall activities! The brevity of the season makes it all the more special, and autumn is the perfect time to begin some magical traditions with your family. Check out some […]

Crazy over potatoes!

Americans love potatoes — sliced, diced, fried, baked, battered, au Gratin, scalloped — and why not? Of course, they get a bad rap for not being the healthiest choice, but that’s only when you add a half pound of butter and a handful of cheese onto one potato. According to the FDA, potatoes are an excellent source […]

Orr’s Apple Harvest Bin Special is Back!

It’s that time of year again when the air starts getting crisp, and the apples aren’t far behind! Apples are an autumn staple, so check out below for some fun apple activities to get you in the spirit of the coming season. Of course, you could buy apple butter in the store, but where’s the […]

Fall Farm Fun Days are Almost Here!

Summer is almost over, and that means we at Orr’s are gearing up for our Fall Farm Fun Days! This annual festival is the perfect way to combat the back-to-school blues. We’ll have plenty of fun activities, live music and good food to ring in the fall. Join us on Saturday, September 21 from 9:00 […]

Summer Is Still Pear-ly Here

Summer is winding down, but there are still plenty of opportunities to celebrate the sunshine and the food it brings us. Although pears are often skipped over for more famous fruits, they have a rich history and a variety of yummy uses today. According to Top Food Facts, the Chinese consider the pear to be […]

Let’s get a little corny!

There’s nothing like sweet corn on the cob. As we get into prime corn season, we’re reminded that corn can be used in a variety of ways. Although boiling is the easiest, grilling always adds a smoky depth of flavor. Pro tip: Before you grill, soak the still-husked corn in salted water for 10 minutes, […]

Afterschool Pick-Me-Up

In a matter of weeks, the kids will be back in school. That means you need to start thinking of ways to give them a healthy afterschool snack to keep them occupied while you get dinner ready. Sure there are the easy snacks like apple slices with peanut butter or grapes and cheese, but how […]

Oh, baby! How to prepare a watermelon three ways

Who can forget when, in “Dirty Dancing,” Baby says “I carried a watermelon” to Johnny at the dance? Boy, was she embarrassed. We can’t promise you that you’ll meet the person of your dreams or learn how to dance the cha-cha when you visit us for watermelon, but we promise you won’t be embarrassed to […]

Celebrate National Farmers Market Week

The week of August 4-10 is National Farmers Market Week, so let’s celebrate all that we do here at Orr’s Farm Market! By definition, a farmers market is a location where farmers can sell their wares to customers. The beauty about our farm market is that customers don’t only get to put a face with […]

Presto, it’s pesto!

Those who love to cook know that nothing adds a layer of flavor to dishes than fresh herbs. In July, one of the more versatile herbs, basil, is ready to be harvested. What can you do with basil? Really, you should be asking what can’t you do with basil? Basil can be found in two […]