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Now open for longer hours on Fridays and Saturdays to help service all our wonderful customers. We look forward to seeing you and your family and friends. Stop by and show them why Orr’s Farm Market is your favorite spot!

Convenient Curbside pickup is still available through online and phone orders. If you prefer the convenience of curbside, we’re happy to assist you.

Monday – Thursday 10 – 5
Friday & Saturday 10 – 7
Closed on Sundays

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Open For Summer 6 Days A Week!

Barnyard Hours:
9AM – 5PM Monday through Saturday, Closed Sunday
(last reservation at 3pm)

The Barnyard is open by reservation! Love adorable baby animals? We do, too! Our barnyard is full of cuteness – goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, mini-horses, mini-donkeys, and more!


West Virginia Peach Season Starts Now!

Peaches are beginning at Orr’s Farm Market! For years, we have been harvesting some of the top varieties for fresh market eating. Now, thanks to B&G Orchards renting us their peach and apple acreage, we have many additional varieties to choose from….including everyone’s favorites…the donut peaches!  Come visit us and see why peaches taste so much better from the farm than from the grocery stores.


When are the freestone peaches ready?

Which peach is the sweetest?

What if I want a large order?

Should peaches be stored in the refrigerator?

Check our Peach Recipe Pinterest page for recipe suggestions!

Cherry Season Is Here!

Cherries are starting to ripen… one variety at a time.  We grow about 8 different types of sweet cherries and have two rows of Montmorency Tart cherries as well. Cherry season is one of our customers’ favorite times of the year! Fresh cherries from the orchard are so much tastier than those from the grocery store. Come see the difference!

Orr’s offers pre-picked cherries (when in season) and we also allow for pick your own. If you are wanting to pick-your-own, you will need a reservation. Please Click Here to make a reservation.

The cherry supply will be limited this year due to a late frost. We have about a 40-60% crop on our trees, and just a few Rainier which will be only sold in our store.

Make a day of it and visit the Barnyard while you’re here or bring a picnic lunch!

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donkeys in barn

donkeys in barnThe Barnyard at Orr’s has been open since 2018.  It originally started as the new location for our pumpkin patch with the idea that we’d add animals and a small petting zoo. Each season we’ve added new animals, some purchased…and some born here.  Now we’re open 3 seasons a year with reservations! We’ll host our 2022 pumpkin patch this fall, but until then come enjoy the summer activities.

If you recall, this area was traditionally the Donald Catrow dairy farm. We purchased the farm about 25 years ago as Mr. Catrow was retiring, and have used it for cattle, horses, and finally bison. Mark Orr wanted to purchase a small herd of bison in the early 2000s. We grew our herd from 6 bison to about 25 when we decided to exit the bison business. We occasionally get questions about where they went. It was a family decision to sell the herd due to the dangerous nature of the animals. We knew that if we wanted to host children and small farm animals at that location, the bison would have to be sold to another owner. Luckily for us, we found a buyer who took the whole herd as a group. This allowed the animals to stay together and head to a new home.

We host roughly 30,000 people per year at The Barnyard at Orr’s.  The peak season is from September through October because our busy pumpkin patch and corn maze.  During the spring and summer months, you can still visit Monday-Saturday from 9-5, and see any of our furry friends up close. It’s especially fun to watch the baby animals arrive.  So far our residents are: 1 cow, 2 emu, 2 alpacas, 4 donkeys, 6 mini horses, 7 sheep, 9 rabbits, 10 fancy chickens, 15 ducks, 15 peacocks, 25 goats, and 75 chickens.  These are our pets and they all have names.  Most are located in The Barnyard area, although, 1 emu and the 2 alpacas are located at the end of Orr Drive in their own pasture.


Have you had farm-fresh eggs?  What about farm-fresh duck eggs?  We sell both at Orr’s Farm Market, hand-collected daily from our farm. We get roughly 5 dozen chicken eggs/day, and about a dozen duck eggs/day.  If you pick up a pack of duck eggs, it’s good to know that while they have been cleaned, they still may appear dirty.  No worries, it’s just the natural color of the shell.

One of our favorite attractions is our Farmer Fun Playground, which was added in 2021.  We brought it in from New Jersey and had it installed in the spring of that year.  It has 3 slides, 2 rock climbing walls, and lots of other things to keep your littles entertained.  This is probably the biggest hit at our barnyard, aside from, of course, the animals.

Another feature of our Barnyard package is the scenic hayride down and back. People come from miles away to enjoy the fresh air and rolling West Virginia views. It’s about a 10-15 minute ride through our orchard in each direction.

If you’ve been to The Barnyard at Orr’s before, you know we have a “Snack Shack.”  New this season, we’ll be selling Hershey’s novelty ice cream.  What better treat on a hot, sunny day, than an ice cream bar???  You can also head up to the farm market and get one of our flavors of frozen slushies.  We try to change out our slushy flavors every few weeks to make it exciting for you!

We hope you and your family visit us this summer at The Barnyard at Orr’s.  You will make so many special memories, that you will be sure to cherish for years to come.  Book your reservation today.

Orrs Family

Since George S. Orr, Jr purchased the land in 1954, Orr’s has depended on extended family and close friends to help bring in the harvests. Without such a dedicated staff of employees our farm would not be what it is today. George S. Orr, Jr. would be proud of what the family has accomplished so far, but there are many goals still on the horizon.

Meet our family . . .