Our farmers really enjoy spending their time in the great outdoors with mother nature.  The farm has been in the family for three generations, so you could say knowing how to take care of the land to produce the best crops runs in our blood. Every day our farmers tend to the crops and the farm itself to make sure everything is up to par with the standards that were set by the original owner of Orr’s Farm Market, George Orr.

There are always updates in the farming world, so we’re constantly having to educate ourselves about best farming practices and use this knowledge to achieve our goals. At Orr’s, we’re dedicated to growing the best produce, whether that’s by going to conferences or asking scientists what’s the best way to grow a certain plant or fruit. We want to keep the beauty of the farm going for years to come and keep all of our happy customers satisfied as well.

People always seem to ask if Orr’s is organic. Due to the climate of West Virginia it makes it difficult to grow organic produce. Orr’s has something called “integrated pest management,” or IPM, which is the method of how our farmers keep the crops safe from insects by only spraying pesticides when needed. We use traps to catch insects so we know when the right time to spray is. We also help the federal government conduct studies of invasive insects to prevent a large outbreak of a certain insect or a loss of a specific crop. We pick and choose when it’s time to spray — we don’t want to hurt our crops! By taking regular soil samples, we can gauge our fertilizer use, which prevents over-fertilizing or polluting ground waters. This is how we manage the crops as best we can while getting the best results season after season.

Orr’s doesn’t use genetically modified crops, which is another question customer usually have about all the delicious crops we have to offer. Everything is grown right here at Orr’s on non-GMO. However, if we source things into our market from other farms, we cannot promise these crops are non-GMO. Having all these procedures in place helps makes Orr’s the place to be year round. But most importantly, it makes the crops look the best and taste the best for all customers.

Looking for some ripe citrus or apples? Come see us! Our market is open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm, and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

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